Friday, April 13, 2012

That was then

In his most recent publication Envisaging Vocational Rehabilitation, Simon Denny reaches back to a revealing questionnaire from Auckland's Metro Magazine back in the Age of Bling. The goal which absolutely nails 1981 is "how to work out your Upward Mobility Quotient." 

If you're after an eighties flash back here's Question no. 6 to help you put art and style in place. 

“You decide it’s time you re-decorated the living room. The scheme you pick is ...

A. Suede leather couches and steel/glass tables with genuine Persian rugs, a few tasteful sculptures and the odd Toss Woollaston original.

B. Turquoise vinyl three-piece suite, carpet in autumn tonings of orange and brown and an emerald green bean bag.

C. Cream carpet, cream furniture, cream walls, cream sheer curtains, cream cushions.

OTN badge and cap for the best suggestion of who might have made the tasteful sculptures