Thursday, April 05, 2012

By the numbers: International edition

3           The number of art museums that joined forces to purchase Christian Marclay’s The Clock. (Tate in London, Centre Pompidou in Paris and the Israel Museum in Jerusalem)

3            The average number of seconds visitors to the Guggenheim Museum spend looking at an art work.

8           The number in millions of individually painted porcelain sunflower seeds purchased by Tate as the work Sunflower Seeds 2010 by Ai Weiwei

10         The weight in tonnes of eight million individually painted porcelain sunflower seeds

12.5      The number in millions of $US paid in 2008 per Elvis for Andy Warhol’s painting Eight Elvises 

70          The percentage of the fine art market occupied by Modern and Contemporary art. 

100       The number of names on the waiting list for a silver painting by artist-of-the-moment Jacob Kassay

25,781 The number of individually painted one millimetre spots that will need to be applied by Damien Hirst’s assistants to create his latest dot painting