Monday, April 30, 2012

Art rules OK

 This weeks New York Magazine features a long article on How to make it in the Art World, “a tongue-in-cheek rulebook for how to make it in the art world now.” Here’s a sample: 

Rule One: Reject the market. Embrace the Market. 
Rule Two: Stay on trend 
Rule Three: Make art that is difficult to collect (so the art museums will buy it) 
Rule Six: Outsource to China 
Rule Eight: Don’t be afraid to trade up (when a bigger gallery comes calling, listen) 
Rule Nine: Show up 
Rule Thirteen: Don’t let your gallerist take 50% of the profit. 
Rule Fifteen: Pretend you’re an outside even when you are at the center of everything 
Rule Seventeen: Be everywhere at once 
Rule Eighteen: Join the establishment but cling to your street cred. 

You can read the article and the rest here