Thursday, April 19, 2012

The days of our lives

Episode 25
You’ll remember how Chris was going to be written out of Kitchener Street and asked to take the lead in a new series Super City that was having trouble with its demographics, only given his success in recent episodes of KS and getting such high ratings and stuff he thought he was better off staying on as the star and leading man. But turns out the producers wanted him for his creative skills so he could be like a totally creative centre of the SC show. And how this big time Australian producer Robert had set up this Russian Roulette kind of thing that would only keep one person from the core cast of Kitchener Street and Louise and Catherine were wondering if they were going to be the chosen one or if like they would even be in the cast at all and how they might end up having to do auditions for some crummy zoo reality programme or worse still a sports show. And the rest of KS’s cast and the non-speaking walk-ons had no idea what was going on with the storyline except that they had all heard about how the star was going to another show and they were getting like some slicked-up reality show ‘actor’ to take his place. OMG! And then Hamish from the History Channel told all his friends that the whole idea of Chris being killed off in the next episode of KS was just a leak like and that there would be a production meeting and that things would be ok only no one really believed him because Chris was going around saying how he totally didn’t like the sound of the Super City show or its production values and he didn’t want to be its star anyway.

Episode 26
This episode begins with a production meeting and a lot of harsh words being spoken and then someone says it wasn’t a good idea interfering with the star of Kitchener Street even if the last episode about Scotland had dropped a bit in the ratings and someone else agrees and says that maybe Chris can stay on as its star and not go over to the new Super City show after all. But then everyone wonders what would happen to the rest of the core cast on account of them having been told to do auditions for other shows. And Robert says that he's bringing over a star from a high-rating reality TV show to play opposite Chris in Kitchener Street and that was what he meant in the first place and that the media got it all totally wrong as usual.