Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Beg yours

When faced with Wellington City Council's cut of $1.25 million from its $2 mil contribution to Te Papa’s $3.81 million sponsorship tally, Te Papa hit out at families in the name of PR (in their own words, “we're taking it out on the kids.”) They also threatened fewer exhibitions and staff cuts. 

Being negative is one way to go but why not: 

Get more sponsorship? Having nearly 60 percent of Te Papa's sponsorship coming as an annual grant from local government doesn’t sound like anyone’s been trying too hard.

Streamline and rationalise the huge amounts spent on exhibition design, furniture and temporary exhibition display. 

Bring the art downstairs. It is still cheaper to display and change out art exhibitions than anything else. And remember that art museums and art exhibitions are huge attractors worldwide.

Work out what the Wellington City Council is really on about. Mounting a public campaign in Te Papa’s foyer doesn't seem like the smartest way to encourage Councillors to see Te Papa as a positive presence in the city. How about an an art partnership between the City Gallery and Te Papa...oh that’s right we’ve already suggested that.

If none of that helps, ok ... then you get to shake-down the kids, close the galleries and sack the staff as per the current plan.