Monday, November 05, 2007

Time flies

One of our readers has just noticed this press release from CNZ.
"12 Sep 2007 Creative New Zealand Award for Bravery recognises innovative partnership An innovative partnership, resulting in New Zealand's first-ever live webcast involving sound and moving image, was recognised tonight with the 2007 Creative New Zealand Award for Bravery at the National Business Review Awards for Sponsorship of the Arts."
As our gob-smacked reader notes. One of the first NZ live webcasts of sound and moving image, included Many Hands playing live (CuSeeMe) as part of the Wellington Artslink performing arts festival eleven and a half years ago on 8 July 1995!
Take a belated bow Alison Green, Craig McDougall, Bruce McNaught, Rob Mayo, Derek Tearne, John Ellis, Peter Jamieson and Matt King. Brave ones.