Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Late night viewing

TVNZ once again shows where it rates local programmes, the Television New Zealand Chart-ha-ha-ha and the arts. Hamish Keith’s The Big Picture starts screening at 10.35 pm this Sunday on TV1

“I didn’t want to do a television series about art and artists.”
“Here (Abel Tasman’s Journal) was the beginning of my art history.”
“The art made here is the only art that speaks to our experience.”
“The New Zealand story is one of impact and adaptation. It is not one of oppression and defeat.”
“I had to struggle to find Maori art, as I had to struggle to find New Zealand art, because it was hidden from me by museums.”
“Yes, I think that’s crap.” (referring to et al’s APU installation)
“At the age of seventy I have been given the opportunity to make sense of my culture.”
Hamish Keith quoted in the article "I’m sorry you’re wrong" The Listener, 10 November

Images: Big picture guys Sir Kenneth Clark Civilzation 1969, Robert Hughes The shock of the new 1980 and Hamish Keith