Thursday, November 22, 2007


unvarnished facts, reckless guesswork, insinuations and possible inventions that have arrived at dane mitchell has been accepted for the “statements” exhibition at the next basel art fair in 2008. sigourney weaver, in town to film at peter jackson’s studio was splashed across the dominion post’s front page today. also in wellington but not noticed by the media, french artist super star, daniel buren. he has been in auckland checking out the laboriously hand painted fence posts that make up his work on alan gibbs sculpture park. there is now talk that the whole park will be buren-fenced. whispers of a younger, funkier adjunct to the melbourne art fair are being greeted stonily by the mother ship. the mccahon house trust was faced with a big clean-up to get the artist studio just vacated by james robinson ready for the next resident gavin hipkins and his family. after his current new york residency robinson is slated to muss up the tylee cottage’s hair when he is resident in 2008. any missed details, indignant denials or additions gratefully received, and the one with the most outlandish embellishment- rewarded.