Friday, November 23, 2007

Lifestyle section

It’s not often that our OTN style reporters can get a really good look inside the lifestyles of gallerists. This week, however, we are able to offer a unique insight, thanks to the garage sale list supplied to us by the Anna Bibby Gallery as part of her exhibition opening annoucements. Last year it seems, the shelving of choice was Lundia stacked with Panini Press books and a few ceramics. A simple trestle table with juice extractor and food processor, perfect for indoor/outdoor entertaining. The furniture? Office chic: filing cabinets, chairs and … but read for yourself.

SATURDAY 1 DECEMBER | Anna Bibby Gallery 2 Morgan St Newmarket
7.30 am - 3 pm
lundia shelving / filing cabinets / trestle tables / chairs washing machine / dryer / juice extractor / food processor / panini press books / electric lawn mower / ceramics / children's and baby accessories / office and household goods.
Also available are paintings by Heather Straka and Simon Kaan.