Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Stocking (sic) filler

Sensible people will be starting their Christmas shopping and Overthenet intends to point you to the top art gifts for this year. There’s no better place to start than these chocolate Santas from Paul McCarthy. Modelled on the sculpture Father Christmas with Butt Plug exhibited at the Basel Art Fair this year, these Christmas treats will be available from Peter Paul Chocolates in New York from 15 November. Let’s have a small pause here to remember that it was overthenet that connected this Santa/Chocolate mash-up back in July. These Christmas edibles will be part of an installation by Paul McCarthy at the Michele Maccarone Art Gallery and for sale at $100. For the show McCarthy will be turning the gallery space into a fully functioning chocolate factory. Curiously the chocolate version is to be known as Santa with Tree and Bell politely referring back, we guess, to its pre-McCarthy origins.

Images; Left, prototype of the chocolate Santa with Tree and bell. Right, the original china figurine used by McCarthy as a model.