Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Line of credit

Talking to some Australian art people the other day, we heard a few names of Australian artists selected for the next Sydney Biennale. We have already posted the rumour that Len Lye has been selected from New Zealand, although there is no official confirmation. The 2008 Biennale is being "Artistically Directed" by Carolyn Christov-Bakargeiv, an Art Provera specialist. Her theme? “The impulse to revolt. Revolving, rotating, mirroring, repeating, reversing, turning upside down or inside out, changing perspectives." That being the case, and hearing from the Aussies that Bruce Nauman is central to the show, we’re picking that Simon Denny is a contender. While checking the Biennale web site, we came across the pic above of Christov-Bakargeiv standing in front of sculptures by Francis Upritchard. The photo would have been taken when she was in Auckland selecting the Walters Prize winner. As the Biennale web site doesn’t bother to credit Upritchard’s work, we're figuring she probably won’t be selected.
Image: Sydney Biennale web page featuring Balata Figure sculptures by Francis Upritchard