Monday, November 05, 2007


We have just heard that Natasha Conland may not be making an appearance at the Massey Grand Tour session tomorrow night. That would cut the Trip Of A Lifetime representation by 50 percent. Think, think, think. Here's an idea. Given that she lives and works in Wellington, why doesn't CNZ’s Undine Marshfield step up and onto the bill? (er, why wasn't she on the bill anyway?) She too took the Trip Of A Lifetime and, according to those who were there, took notes. Even better, isn't Undine coordinating the confidential (sic) reports from all Trip members? People who want to hear what the lone TOAL survivor (Gavin Hipkins) has to say might be better to button hole him at an opening. LATER: Have just had a call from CNZ's Undine and she'll be there to listen.