Wednesday, July 31, 2013

One day in the Disney studios

Animator 1: I am so sick of working for Disney.

Animator 2: Me too. If I have to animate another cute squirrel nibbling a nut I’ll go crazy.

A1: What? But we already have tons of squirrel stuff in stock.

A 2: Thanks. Another 123 days wasted.

A1: And that’s why I say we have to get out of here.

A2: But what would we do?

A1: It's tricky. I thought of going into animated porn but I think the Disney work has desensitised us.

A2: How about buying hats and becoming baristas?

A1: You need to know how to work a coffee machine…and wear a hat without looking stupid.

A2: (takes off hat) Oh.

A1: No, I was thinking of making an art film.

A2: (sits up) OK. An art film? Wow. That sounds totally cool.

A1: Yeah, something that delves into the mind and challenges assumptions.

A2: I’m there. Who’ll we get to star in it?

A1: I was thinking Van Gogh, Seurat, Magritte, Lichtenstein....

A2: Never heard of them.

A1: They’re artists.

A2: Oh…. You mean a film about art….an animated film.

A1: Absolutely. We’ll have this kick-ass kid discuss cosmetic surgery with van Gogh, do things like creep up behind the American Gothic couple and be chased all over the place by a mentally unstable art curator. All we have to do is set up a business and fund it.

A2: We could use Kickstarter.

And that was what they did.