Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dear diary

You may already know about this site but if you care and can’t be there Artsdiary is the place for you. Even Aucklanders given the number of venues and exhibitions available to them have to get choosy and anyone out of Auckland can sometimes feel they live in a bit of an art vacuum. Thanks to artsdiary (and of course eyeContact) you can now keep a pretty good eye on the Auckland art scene. It also fills a gap if you like to look at people looking at art because artsdiary attends openings as a way of covering its bases. There seem to be a few hold-out galleries (they have to pay a fee to be included in the Artsdiary rounds) but most of the main ones get covered regularly and the archive is building week by week, month by month. You can support Artsdiary here.

Image: Mike Boulden - "Agnosia", modified CRT showing looped video. 25/06/2013, ILAM/ELAM EXCHANGE - "Delegate: Self-reflexive, with the emphasis on the self" at Elam Projectspace. (via Artsdiary)