Friday, July 19, 2013

Look at this Instagram

The City Gallery in Wellington may be a hold-out on allowing photography (not that it was working when we were there a few days ago) but the Auckland Art Gallery has embraced its inner show-off. Via Instagram one of the many (and most popular) photo sharing services the AAG has visitors snapping at the art, collaging, mugging and adoring it all in the public domain. Just what do people get up to inside Luc Piere's box of mirrors Environment III?

Interestingly City Gallery have their own Instagram event. They get round their no-photographing-inside-the-gallery policy by asking for pics to be taken outside the gallery inspired by works inside. #CGWCrewdsonComp.

This is only the start of art museums being swept up in a social whirl but already there is a very funny parody that cuts very, very close to the bone complete with a slight cringe for us (“Every time I take a photo of an old door / Every sign out in front of an abandoned store”).
Images: Samples from the AAG Instagram site