Thursday, October 30, 2008


Best of 3 is on a chocolate jag today which reminded us of a great story we read about the Frieze Art Fair. This from Adrian Searle the Guardian art critic on one artist's attempt to undermine the tight selection process the Frieze Art Fair puts attending dealer galleries through.

“Frieze is a fair, and the commercial angle must never be forgotten, however stringent the vetting of galleries that want to attend. This process - carried out by committee - has this year been undermined by artist Cory Arcangel, who sent out bars of chocolate to all the galleries who had made unsuccessful applications to exhibit. One bar contained a golden ticket, offering a free stand at the fair.”

The winning chocolate bar went to Studio di Giovanna Simonetta, from Milan. Searle described the gallery’s presence at the fair as “…dismal stuff, and the gallery a total dud, but it is actually not much worse than a lot of things on view elsewhere.”

Image: A rare chocolate bar used in the film Willy Wonkas Chocolate Factory that has a golden ticket inside. Most of the chocolate bars used on set were eaten. Chocolate fans can bid for this one here.