Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Terry and the pirates

If you’re looking for a project manager with excellent technical savvy and a long history of work in art galleries and museums, you can’t go far past Terry Urbahn. Terry, who is also a practising artist, was the project manager to sort out the last two New Zealand forays to Venice after the initial expensive, and not very comfortable, effort with an Australian outfit.

It’s easy to understand why the Australians were keen to get him for their own Venice efforts next year. And they did. Terry will now take the experience and skills he developed via CNZ funding and use it to help make the Australian presence at Venice trouble free. CNZ have advertised for a Production and Technical Manager for the next Venice Biennale and we assume they have in mind someone with as good or better skills and experience than Terry Urbahn. Let’s see who that someone is. It’s a big ask when their only other person with multiple Venice experience, Undine Marshland, has left.

You do have to wonder why CNZ did not tie Urbahn up for the 2009 tour when they had the chance. Our Venice Risk-o-metre is reading High.
Image: The Over The Net Risk-o-meter