Thursday, October 30, 2008

Drawing conclusions

These stills are from the University of Canterbury’s current TV ad for Ilam Art School.

Voice over: “I grew up in an artistic environment, so creativity is in my blood. I wanted a quality arts degree, and at UC that’s what I’m getting.”

What we are getting is a screenful of mixed messages. In front of a background that looks like it comes courtesy of Vincent Ward and Robin Williams, a nicely dressed young woman sketches realist drawings of heads. To reinforce this old-school impression she is sitting on a chair that would have been more familiar to her grandmother. Let's face it, this hasn’t been anyone’s idea of quality artschool teaching since Bill Sutton left the building.

To get a more accurate view of what UC actually offers, prospective arts students and parents would be better off visiting the “UC” site.
An OTN hat for anyone who can reveal whether this is a real student or an actor.