Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Of course, of course

There are those who say that while all horses paint well, when it comes to art that will resonate across decades, you need a Mustang Quarter horse. And if you are in the market, you might as well go for Cholla, the “elite of Painting Horses.’

As Horse whisperer Monty Roberts says on Cholla’s own web site, and we guess in reaction to Cholla’s work, "This is absolutely wild. However you taught your horse to paint, you are to be commended."

The question we are often asked is, “Ok, buying animal art is fine for the rich collector, but what about the average Joe the plumber?” Well, we have news for you. Cholla’s art may be too rich for your blood, but a limited edition print ships out at a very reasonable $US100. In fact, you can buy one here.

Image: Left, Cholla’s Nectar, Giclee Print on archival paper in a limited edition of 250 numbered (no, not by the horse) and documented (again). Right, a more vibrant work copyrighted by the same horse.