Friday, October 17, 2008

By the numbers

140,047,144 The annual turnover, in New Zealand dollars, of Gerhard Richter who tops The Guardian's list of 'Five most expensive living artists in the world based on total sales revenue'.

273 The number of pages of ads in the October issue of Artforum.

233 The number of days before the opening of the 2009 Venice Biennale.

The percentage of men represented in Vol 5 of Contemporary New Zealand Art to be published this year.

The percentage of men represented in Vol 1 of Contemporary New Zealand Art published in 1997.

21 The number of corn, cheese and onion toasties prepared by Ronnie van Hout for visitors to the opening of his exhibition at the Hamish McKay Gallery.

3 The number of Englishmen represented in the top 10 of the current Art Review Power 100.

3 The number of days the Wellington City Gallery will be showing art for the next year.

4 The number of ways you can pay for art exhibited in the Trust Waikato National Contemporary Art Award 2008 on exhibition at the Waikato Museum.

7 The number of dollars it costs you to get into the Auckland Art Gallery.