Friday, June 22, 2007


unvarnished facts, reckless guesswork, insinuations and possible inventions that have arrived at priscilla pitts is leaving the dunedin public art gallery and moving to take up a job in wellington, jim fraser broke his six weeks sojourn on a greek island to attend the basel art fair, the trip of a lifetime tour were surprise guests at michael stevenson’s drinks for people who helped in the installation of his work at basel, gary langsford is proud owner of a damien hirst - a dagger piercing a real heart in formaldehyde, christchurch art gallery is looking for a senior curator who has ‘an impressive track record in the development of high quality exhibitions and an extensive record in published art writing and the publication of exhibition catalogues and related books’ and the city gallery's savage is in berlin with two doors' todd. any missed details, indignant denials or additions gratefully received, and the one that makes us laugh out loud the longest - rewarded. thanks to everyone irresponsible.