Friday, June 08, 2007

Cue queue

Last night we met someone who had been to Gregor Schneider’s one time only performance held at the State Opera in Berlin. We had seen Schneider’s Ur House at the Geffen in Los Angeles and a couple of his disturbing rooms at the Rubell collection in Miami, so missing this event by only a few days was a disappointment but our friend was there to join the queue to see the performance. By the time she arrived the line stretched around the block and only inched forward over the next two hours. Eventually she got to a door at the Magazin, a building used by the Berlin Opera for storage. Before being allowed to enter a bouncer asked for her address and other details, gave her a ticket, and let her into a large courtyard where another queue slowly moved forward. Her ticket was ripped again by another bouncer-type and she continued to shuffle forward. Then, after having her tickets checked for a third time, she was guided to a small door and allowed to enter in slow single file. On the other side of the door was a short corridor and at its end she discovered she was back outside on the street on the other side of the Magazin The whole event took more than two hours. For Hannah Dübgen’s more elegant accountk, go here.