Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Lisa life

We first knew Lisa Densem when she lived in Wellington. In 1999 she moved to Berlin and eventually joined the internationally acclaimed Sasha Waltz dance company. Lisa is having a baby so she has had to stop dancing and has been working with another dancer to perform her role. She was also the rehearsal director for the company’s revival of the work Korper (Body). The other night Lisa snuck us into the Schaub├╝hne theatre to watch the dress rehearsal. The photos were taken on the quiet and show Lisa taking notes for the dancers and some of the work in the amazing space. This is full-on physical performance;, at one point a dancer is raised off the floor by two others holding on to handfuls of skin, You can read a review of Korper, when Lisa was still performing in it, here.
Images; top, Lisa Densem taking notes during dress rehearsal, bottom, scenes from the dress rehearsal of Korper.