Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Big ears 1

Overheard at the Basel Art Fair’s events Art Statements and Art Unlimited and Liste 07: the young art fair in Basel.

“The really interesting artists don’t come from painting.”
“I keep adding and adding. I just love his work.”
“When Juliet Man Ray came to my house she said, ‘It’s fantastic.’”
“When I went to sell it the one I owned was the only picture of his that had pubic hair. I had to do three months research and write a fucking seven- page report to prove it was his.”
“I always wanted one of those works in particular. Now I’m sorry I sold the one I owned to those nice people in London.”
“He’s a genius, he’s closed so many doors.”
“I’m tired, I need to sit down for a lifetime.”
“He’s a bastard…he’s a journalist. (silence)
“There’s a general problem with his art, that people don’t get it.”
“I find that people think I’m more important than I am.”
“Did owning it make you happy?” “Very much happy.”