Monday, June 18, 2007

Daisy chain

Anyone who knows photographer Peter Peryer well will also know that you seldom see him with a camera. In that respect he is different from many other photographers we know. Peter Black always has a camera in hand and it was common to see Ans Westra in action. Over all the years we have known him, we have only seen Peter take one photograph. He had been talking about photographing Marlborough Daisies for around a year, maybe even two, when he suggested we go to the Otari Plant Museum. Otari is an indigenous plant collection of around 150 acres in the Wellington suburb of Wilton. When we arrived Peter headed straight for the Marlborough Daisies and, almost before we could get our own camera out, had taken three shots from three different distances. In our 1985 image of him on the left he is taking the photograph on the right that has since become known as Marlborough Daisy.
Images: Left, Peter Peryer taking the photograph Malborough Daisy. Right Marlborough Daisy 1985 by Peter Peryer