Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Big ears 2

Overheard at the Basel Art Fair.

“Maybe we should have brought the Picasso.”

Punter: “We come from Vermont. We have snow, so could it stay outside all Winter?”
Gallerist: “Of course.”

Punter: “And that’s in dollars?”
Gallerist: “Yes”
Punter: “I just don’t want to be confused.”

“Amazing, amazing, amazing. I’d like to do an auction with this.”

“Richard, just do it.”

“These McCarthys would be perfect for Christmas presents.”

Gallerist: “I’m afraid it’s not available.”
Punter: “But I’ve got the money for it right here in this bag.”
Gallerist: “I’m sorry. Look, just so you don’t feel bad, I can tell you this happens every year.”

“It’s small, but it’s big.”

Punter: “And I also bought a collaboration work by Basquiat and Warhol.”
Gallerist: “Beautiful. Beautiful.”

Punter: “I have one of the same edition.”
Gallerist: “It’s a great piece. It’s the best of that series.”
Punter: “I think so.”
Gallerist: “So do I.”

Image: Father Christmas with butt plug, a bronze Paul McCarthy installed outside the Basel Art Fair