Thursday, February 22, 2007

Your questions answered II

A press release recently received from the Auckland Art Gallery tells us that they are getting into suitcase art.

What is Art in a suitcase? “It is an outreach programme that will ensure the public has continued access to art after the main gallery on Kitchener St closes for major renovations this year.”

Where will you get the art from? “Artists will be invited to create new works inside suitcases.”

Why would artists agree to make art to put in a suitcase? “The suitcase has a proud tradition in art dating back to Marcel Duchamp’s ‘portable museums’ in 1935.”
Marcel aside, has anyone else ever done this sort of thing? “Packing art into a suitcase and taking it to schools in a unique new education programme.”

For readers fascinated by the Unique Art in a Suitcase programme the following links to these other unique art in a suitcase programmes might be of interest. Yellowstone Art Museum, Ludwig Museum, Binghamton University, Seattle Art Museum, the Dickinson County LibraryRedux Center in Charleston. Private practitioners of the art in a suitcase phenomenon include Mary Tooley of Wisconsin. Other art in a suitcase information can also be found on the site Montessori Mom.