Wednesday, February 07, 2007

We are not alone

The Victoria and Albert Museum has opened an exhibition featuring Kylie Minogue called – and this is clever – Kylie: the exhibition. It features 200 items of memorabilia: album covers, costumes, awards, videos and photographs from the Kylie life.

The V&A, in response to criticism that this might be off brand said “To be a celebrity like Kylie you need to have a team of highly talented designers around you creating your look. We hope this exhibition will attract students of fashion and stage costume design.”

Lisa Jardine, a V&A trustee added, on behalf of the other trustees, 'It is certainly not our job to be elitist'.

Word on the street is that Kathy Temin has already booked her ticket but (based on the cultural habits of other members of the museum world committed to not being elitist) Lisa Jardine is more likely to be found at Bayreuth.