Thursday, February 08, 2007

Guide to collectors I

5 things you should know about Manzoni’s shit

1. Merda d’artista was created by Piero Manzoni’s in May 1961.
2. To create the work, Manzoni deposited 30 grams of his own faeces into each of ninety cans.
3. The canned shit was sold to match the then-current price of gold at around $US37 per can.
4. Today the value of 30 grams of Manzoni shit at the price of gold is $US764.15.
5. At auction in 2005 Merda d’artista by Piero Manzoni sold for $US142,592.54.
Images: Left Merda d’artista. Right: Piero Manzoni