Friday, February 09, 2007


Looks like the City Gallery in Wellington are loosening their public art museum girdles, getting into the rough and tumble of the art selling business, and taking on the dealers via the object du jour - multiples. In the eleven page brief to Prospect artists, is a call to supply multiples for sale in the gallery foyer. Apparently the goal is to help the gallery “profile an expanded range of practice and foster new collectors with limited budgets (ie. under $1,000).”

I’ve been selected as a Prospect artist. Will my multiple automatically be accepted? “On reception of a description and, if possible, a photograph we will confirm whether we are able to offer the works for sale.”

Where will my multiples be displayed? In the foyer in “cocktail and china cabinets from the 1950s-70s”.

What’s the gallery’s cut? “The multiples/editions will be accepted on a sale or return basis. City Gallery will sell them on the artists’ behalf and will take 40% (excluding GST) of the sale price.”

Excluding GST? The “CGW will be adding 40% + GST” on to the amount nominated by the artist “to get the retail price.”

Any small print? “The artists’ 60% of the sale price is inclusive of any artist/dealer share.”

Don’t public art museums have an agreement not to sell art works? (sound drops out on tape)

Who pays for packing and freight? “The multiple needs to be delivered to us packed effectively and safely in packing that can be re-used once it is sold, or if it is to be returned at the end of the exhibition. Packing and incoming delivery is the responsibility of the artist.”

How quickly can I expect payment from the Gallery who is acting as my agent? “Payment to the artist will be made once the sale is completed and on receipt of an invoice.”