Saturday, February 10, 2007

What a pickle*

When Creative New Zealand decided not to support Robert Storr’s Venice Biennale they must have expected that others would slip into the gap they left behind. We have already reported on the artists chosen for Brian’s Book and now hear there is another assault on Venice from the heartland. Rumour is that Alice Hutchison, Team Leader Art at Te Manawa (The Palmerston North Museum that includes the old Manawatu Art Gallery) has agreement from Robert Storr to include a Brett Graham and Rachael Rakena installation Aniwaniwa previously shown at Te Manawa. We assume, as there is no official National presence this year, that the Graham/ Rakena project will be part of the collateral events section, although it is not listed there as yet.

We love private initiatives but this one does raise a few questions, given the Government’s refusal to participate officially.

1 Is there any public funding involved?
2 Will the exhibition represent New Zealand in any official way?
3 Will the exhibition be included in the Venice Biennale catalogue as a New Zealand exhibition?
4 What is CNZ’s official position to this late entry?

All help on answers these questions will be gratefully received with overthenet table tennis balls signed by artists of note awarded for the best stuff.
*Previously known as the heading The Rumour mill II