Friday, February 02, 2007

Vivian Bishop and her circle

Here is the other photograph from the 1968 NZ Vogue, this time South Islanders. As far as we know there was no picture of the Wellington art scene which was described as “a disaster area in the visual arts.”
Pictured members of Christchurch’s 20/20 Vision. Left to right, at top: Michael Eaton (with beard), David Graham, Don Peebles, Carl Sydow (with beard), Derek Mitchell (with beard), Michael Kitson. Next row from extreme left: Trevor Moffit, Gavin Bishop, Ted Francis, Alan Olliver, Quentin MacFarlane, Tom Taylor. Clockwise from bottom left, inner circle: Clive Luscombe, Vivian Bishop, John Coley (with beard), Bill Sutton (with beard) and Maurice Askew. Remember a simple email to overthenet is enough to put any of them on the lost list.