Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Talking up the talk

It’s not often that OTN has the opportunity to shamelessly promote two events simultaneously but today we can. Tonight Jim will be giving a talk at the City Gallery about OTN’s In (and out of) the studio site. The other speaker will be Roger Blackley from Victoria University (who is clearly taking advantage of the fact that we don’t have any photographs of Charles Goldie at work) to talk about that artist in his studio. To coincide (here's the shameless part) with this talk we are putting up some more studio pics. This time it’s:
  • Neil Dawson from 1998 (getting ready for a show in Hong Kong)
  • et al.’s Henderson studio in 2011
  • Wellington jeweller Karl Fritsch’s studio taken earlier this year
  • A couple of shots taken of Ralph Hotere in his Port Chalmers studio in 1981
The talk starts at 6 pm and the studio pics are available now if you take yourself to over-the-net.weebly.com.

Image: Ralph Hotere 1981