Monday, April 14, 2014

Art is where you find it

Who couldn't help thinking about Fiona Connor when you drive through some of America’s State and National parks? Her last show at Hopkinson Mossman replicated many of the signs, information kiosks and barriers you see scattered through campsites and viewing posts.

In Utah we also came across some handmade art but it was made by painters not looking for attention. Their job was to ‘vanish’ boxes of electrical equipment located by the road so it dint' disturb the view. Most of the boxes were painted with regular camouflage patterns, albeit in desert pink, but along one road we found an artist who'd taken up brushes and tried for something more expressionistic.  Nothing new about artists being involved with camo as we've noted in previous posts but camouflagers taking to art, that’s something else again.

Images: top, art and bottom, regular