Monday, April 28, 2014

Look at MEme

Something the Len Lye Centre can count on when its stainless steel façade is installed is that it will become selfie heaven. Seeing the large super-shiny sculpture Cloud gate by Anish Kapoor in Chicago’s Millennium Park is to know why highly reflective surfaces are so loved by artists and architects at the moment. The spectacularly mercurial form Kapoor has landed in the park looks great in photos but is even more convincing in real life. A huge biomorphic blob with a charisma of its own. Sadly another look-at-me sculpture that used to draw the crowds nearby has had the juice sucked out of it by the Kapoor. A few people were listlessly taking shots of each other against the glass bricks of Jaume Piensa’s  Crown fountain (two towers that feature movies of giant faces) but their hearts weren’t in it. On reflection, mirrors 10 - movies 1
Images: art at work, Cloud gate by Anish Kapoor