Saturday, April 05, 2014

A word on fashion

Short of Anselm Kiefer breaking out a line of wedding dresses or catching an advert for the the Milan Mrkusich range of boxer shorts, it’s hard to imagine anything more surprising than Lawrence Weiner teaming up with UNIQLO to pump out a t-shirt collection in association with MoMA.

The signs were there of course. Weiner was the guy after all who said, “Art and fashion are the last two bastions where the product itself is what attracts attention; it really doesn’t much matter who made it.” He’s also been known to stand up for the workhorses of the fashion industry. "I have a great appreciation for runway models. Why would they do it? It’s exhausting, terrible, psychological work to do and you don’t have any control over yourself.” Maybe it was this empathy that prompted him to make a runway piece titled (1) FOR THE MONEY, (2) FOR THE SHOW, (3) TO GET READY and (4)