Friday, April 25, 2014

Oh, by the way you’re psychotic

Further to our Taliesin post. Nobody ever said working with a genius was going to be easy but as clients go Hilla Rebay was something else. She was influential in selecting Frank Lloyd Wright to design the Guggenheim Museum but she had to deal with some serious correspondence from FLW in the process.

March 7, 1950


Evidently you intend to make mischief in a mean way. Go ahead. When you alienate me Solomon R. Guggenheim’s architect (and your own choice) by your quarrelsome and false assumptions you have burned the last bridge between yourself and retreat from disaster.

Your allegations are beneath contempt. The psychopathic ward is where such conduct invariably ends and no warning ever saved the patient.

Frank Lloyd Wright

Image: Frank Lloyd Wright, Hilla Rebay and Solomon Guggenheim with Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim model in l 1952