Saturday, April 19, 2014


At the end of our first month of posting back in December 2006 we featured the man-with-a-dog-stuck-to-his-leg sculpture in Wellington. Imagine our surprise to see a virtual replica (1) in downtown Pierre - it's the capital of South Dakota although in appearance looks more like a giant Hamilton. Anyway Pierre's bronze sculpture is of the twenty-fourth Governor of the state in a rush to pass some kind of legislation but obviously encumbered in the same way as Wellington's Plimmer steps guy by a random dog being stuck to his leg.

(1) DISCLAIMER: the staff and all subsidiary bodies of OTN (Overthenet) are not responsible for any readers who looked at the right hand image and accepted as genuine what is obviously an amateurish use of Photoshop to paste the picture of a
living dog (most likely taken off the internet) onto a photo of bronze statue seen in the streets of Pierre, Dakota.