Monday, February 11, 2013

The name game.

Auckland Council has advertised for its new AAG director and the good news is that they are looking for a serious art person who has already sat in a director’s chair. For everyone outside Auckland we conducted a highly complex OTN survey (we asked everyone we met who they thought might be a contender and who would be on the appointment panel). No takers on the second question (yet) and the only four names we could rustle up were: Greg Burke: but he has just been scored a CEO job at the new Mendel Art Gallery, so forget that (oh, there was a suggestion that a senior curator from Melbourne might be interested but couldn’t get a name so dropped it from the survey results). The other three were all women (no surprises there):

Jenny Harper
Paula Savage
Rhana Devenport

NOTE: These survey results are subject to the usual margin of error associated with gossip and hearsay.