Wednesday, February 27, 2013

In the shadows

We’ve mentioned the interests of the current Minister of Arts Culture and Heritage often enough so, post Labour's Shadow Cabinet shuffle, here’s a look at their new line up art-wise. The good news is that both the Shadow spokesperson (Grant Robertson who has often been tipped as a potential PM) and one of the Associates are ranked high. Grant Robinson is number 2 as Deputy leader and the Associate Jacinda Ardern is ranked at 4. The other Associate is Darien Fenton who is ranked at 16. So far as interests go Robertson is positioned in his Labour Party profile as “a keen sports fan, particularly cricket, rugby and the mighty Wellington Phoenix. He is also a fan of New Zealand music and literature, and loves cooking and movies.” Fenton and Ardern’s Labour Party profiles makes no mention of the arts at all although Fenton was once a music teacher and claims some early experience with film. As to the Labour Party's arts policy – well you try and find it on their website we couldn’t. But here it is on The Big Idea. Thanks CNZ.
Image: from top right to left Grant Robertson, Jacinda Ardern and Darien Fenton