Thursday, February 28, 2013

That was the year that was

Here’s some things that are celebrating (well maybe not) their 55th anniversary this year.

Hamish Keith joins a professional staff of five at the Auckland City Art Gallery

Len Lye begins making Free Radicals which he will revise into its final form in 1979

Rita Angus heads to England to study at the Chelsea School of Art for a year

Arnold Wilson takes up his post as art teacher at the newly-built Bay of Islands College in Kawakawa

After a three-month trip to the United States Colin McCahon returns to New Zealand and paints his Northland Panels

The term “Pop Art” is used for the first time by Lawrence Alloway in Architectural Digest

Architect (and photographer) James Chapman Taylor dies in Lower Hutt

The exhibition British Abstract Painting tours New Zealand

Auckland City Art Gallery mounts the first of its touring New Zealand artist exhibitions Eight NZ Painters 1

Arnold Nordmeyer’s ‘Black budget’ puts an end to importing touring exhibitions

Ans Westra moves to Wellington after having arrived in New Zealand the previous year

Milan Mrkusich leaves the Auckland design company Brenner Associates and starts painting full time