Monday, February 04, 2013

Onward my brave Hawkmen

It’s not everyday that the people running our cultural institutions let their guard down and reveal what they're thinking - particularly about the future and how it might affect their audiences. In the weekend a long piece in the DominionPost got Te Papa CEO Michael Houlihan to open up on the ways Te Papa intends to implement its radical new plan to split into a museum of living culture and a museum for the future. They are:

Create a display of a Gallipoli trench
Display more of the fine art collection
Continue showing art on the fifth floor
Collect furniture
Collect video games
Change the Treaty of Waitangi exhibit
Exhibit more photography
Record plays and performances
Tour Te Papa exhibitions
Not be the home of the usual museum-going crowd

Let the magic begin

Image: Red stave chair by Humphrey Ikin purchased for the Te Papa collection in 1997