Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Following the posts on who might be up for the AAG director job and the various senior curator roles around the country, a regular OTN reader has pointed out that a common pool to fish these people from is Australia but goes on to say that this time they (the Australians) have their own stresses. 

It's made for TV.

This week we discover that Tony the guy who starred in the hit show Queensland before Chris got the part is taking one of the core cast with him which means that Chris will have to find a replacement and a few non-core-cast people are saying that he might take someone from the long runninhg show Auckland that he was in before jumping the ditch. That would mean finding a new star for Auckland which would certainly shake up the current plot lines. Then it turns out that Tony also grabbed Max who was the star of Monash so now that show is searching for a new star to play the Director role at exactly the same time as rival show Ian Potter is also casting a Director character for its own show! Can you believe it? And if any of you thought after last night's episode that Victoria was going to be tempted across the Tasman to take up the starring role in Auckland you can forget it. She has just been picked to lead the cast in the independent production TarraWarra and Juliana, who has worked alonside a lot of NZ players over the years, and who might have been persuaded to join the cast of Auckland has been booked for a reality show sometime next year with the working title Oh Sydney

We'll return to our regular programming tomorrow. (In the meantime thanks C)