Monday, June 06, 2011

Tree house

When Michael Parekowhai took his work in Venice he added a couple of extra pieces to the mix: two olive trees in pots and a pair of kid’s crocs, all in bronze. The shoes are out in the garden by the water tap as though they have been scuffed off before a quick game on the lawn. One of the olive trees is by the steps to the garden amongst the foliage so that most people miss it until they are given a clue on where to look. 

The other tree was lent by Michael Parekowhai to Filippo Gaggia the owner of the palazzo. The idea was that he placed it in his office for the duration of the Biennale. For the first couple of days the tree was kept in Filippo’s private quarters on his desk until he decided it needed to make a more public appearance. That’s when he placed it on the sill of his office window. The little tree now looks out over the Grand Canal and is visible to every boat that passes by. You can see the other olive tree and the crocs here

Image: A shot too far for our OTN zoom lens on the other side of the Grand Canal of the olive tree on Filippo Gaggia's window ledge