Friday, June 10, 2011

NZer SD does 3D at KW

Eat your heart out James Cameron. As high value technologies become everyday commodities at unnerving speed, you've got to ask if Simon Denny’s contribution to the mega exhibition Based in Berlin is the first art works to use 3D TV? Denny has taken over a large space in the top floor of the KW Institute for Modern Art (the place that had us climbing Cyprien Gaillard’s beer stack a couple of weeks ago) and dealt to it with rope barriers, maze paintings and tricked up screens.

It’s not easy for anyone to leave home and family to try for recognition in the bigger wider world, and the effort comes with a price. There are a number of New Zealand artists in Berlin who have been willing to start up new networks, new friends and new ways of doing things and their successes have been marked. Michael Stevenson, Alicia Frankovich, Judy Millar, Ruth Buchanan and Simon Denny have all won recognition here. Denny's latest outing at KW (he is also featured on the poster) shows how perseverance, great ideas and some luck can break through even in this hugely competitive art community.
Images: Denny’s 3D installation at KW complete with high-tech 3D glasses