Thursday, June 09, 2011


A feature of this year’s Venice Biennale was the high profile of the Museum-of-Me, personal/corporate art museums put together by the super wealthy to stake their claim on contemporary art’s greatest hits. The rich are redefining what art is important and how it should be selected, presented and marketed. New Zealand's own philanthropists are into it too most notably in the person of James Wallace. He has just been knighted for his contributions to the arts including the stocking of his own Museum-of-Me in the old Pah Homestead in Auckland. Here in Berlin one wealthy collector cut straight to the chase and called his private M-O-M art museum ME.

Not rolling in cash and feeling left out? Pop over to the new Intel application The Museum of Me. This app sucks your images, videos, profile details and the rest out of Facebook into its giant maw and rewards you with a 3D museum trip that showcases…. you.

Yes, it feels a bit creepy to see your own stuff repurposed like this without your involvement and yes, based on what our Facebook content delivered we need to get out there and live more online if we want stellar Museums of Me, but you can certainly see the potential when just a few standard templates are populated with images from your life.

How to make a better impression? Start a Facebook page with nothing but images of your favourite art works (or even your own works) and The Museum of Me will reflect this identity right back at you and anyone else you link in for the ride.
Images: Peter Stichbury featuring heavily in our Museum of me, go figure