Saturday, March 22, 2014

Totally outstanding

As it’s Saturday here’s an unbelievably astonishing OTN Saturday quiz. This one is incredibly clever  asking you to match the description with the artist. All quotes from the latest superbly lavish Webb’s catalogue.

Who creates “Masterly executed work”?
Which artist is a “Chromatic master”?
Who was a “powerful influence on a generation of painters”?
Who had an “unbridled passion for the female form”?
Which artist created “A monumental masterpiece”
Who painted a “key work” in a “Ground-breaking exhibition”?
Which artist was described as our “Most daring and cerebral”?
Who had a “Seminal 2005 exhibition”?
Who’s painting was “A gem”?
Which artist painted with “Majestic poise”?
Who created “Unforgettable paintings”?

The artists: Judy, Millar, C F Goldie, Tony Fomison, Robin White, Lillian Budd, W D Hammond, Francis Upritchard and Garth Tapper