Thursday, March 27, 2014

By the numbers: Peter McLeavey edition

1.175    the number  in thousands of small canvases hung on one wall of the Peter McLeavey gallery for John Reynolds’s Looking West, late afternoon, low water

3          the price in thousands of dollars Peter McLeavey put on Colin McCahon’s Northland Panels the first time it was shown in the Gallery in 1968

4          the number of women on the current artist roster of the Peter McLeavey Gallery

10        the original weekly rental for the space on Cuba Street in pounds

10        the number of architectural features in the gallery censured by Billy Apple in 1979

21        the number of artists on the current Peter McLeavey Gallery roster

25        the number in thousands of dollars paid for the Northland panels by the National Art Gallery in 1978

45        the number of years of exhibitions held at 147 Cuba Street

68        the number of artists who have had solo exhibitions at the Peter McLeavey Gallery

74        the age of Lois White when she had her first ever solo exhibition at the McLeavey Gallery in 1977

78        Peter McLeavey's age in years

94        the number of pounds received for Peter's McLeavey’s first sale (a work by Tosswill Woollaston)

100      the number of dollars in thousands the BNZ allocated to Peter McLeavey each year to build its collection in the 1980s

147      the Cuba Street address of the Peter McLeavey Gallery

544      the number of exhibitions shown at the Peter McLeavey Gallery to date

1900   the year the building at 147 Cuba Street was constructed

All but a couple of these numbers were taken from Jill Trevelyan's excellent book Peter McLeavey: the life and times of a New Zealand art dealer. You can purchase a copy here

Image: Peter McLeavey with a painting from Julian Dashper's exhibition in September 1989