Saturday, March 29, 2014

Not Bacon

How long since we ran a painting animal story on OTN? Too long has been the overwhelming response to our recent survey. One of the problems has been that we've already  trawled much of the creative animal kingdom from chimps to snails (well, in fairness, the snail turned out to be a hoax) but it turns out there’s always another mammal ready to step up to the easel.

Here are photos of a couple of painting pigs sent to us by a reader (thanks D) who claims they come out of ‘intensive research’ but are more likely culled from Google Images via the code words ‘painting pig’. We also had a painting parrot on offer but it was obvious even on a cursory glance that a hand puppet was involved. There are rules around human intervention. You can find OTN’s creative animal protocols here. And as you probably guessed, the pigs (both of them coincidentally) are known as Pigasso. Clever.