Wednesday, March 12, 2014


If you’ve followed OTN over the years you'll know that we have had a bit of an obsession over dealer gallery signs. The infamous axe attack on the Barry Lett sign, the holiday Dane Mitchell awarded the sign from Artspace and the various iterations of Peter McLeavey’s shingle. So if an exhibition were ever made to feature on this blog it has got to be Fuzzy Vibe's display of 13 dealer and artist run gallery signs. The roster includes a photo of the Teststrip sign (the original must have gone walkabout – it should really be in a public collection) plus signs from Auckland spaces Ferrari, Gambia Castle, s/f and Newcall. Top billing has to go to remnants of the Snakepit sign shown back on but a work of art in any direction. Not sure if the show’s still running but if so, it’s got to be a good sign.

OTN dealer gallery sign stories
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